Unit 2- The Reformation & Religious Wars

Unit 2 Notes (Chapter 13)

Here is an interesting article from the Washington Post about some of the most evil Popes that have ever lived. This should give a good background about the Catholic Church leading up to the Reformation.

Causes of the Reformation pg 376-386

Martin Luther's Reformation & John Calvin pg 386-402

The English Reformation pg 402-409

Interested in the story of "Bloody" Mary Tudor?

Here is The Sad, True Story Behind The Bloody Mary Mirror Legend

The Thirty Years' War & The Peace of Augsburg pg 446-454

Need a review of the Reformation before the Unit 2 Test?

This document contains vocab and review videos linked inside that should help!

Here is a pdf review that glazes over the main topics.

This is a 4-part review by Khan Academy that is really good!