The French Revolution Chapter work


KEY Events in the Life of Napoleon:

1769 - Napoleon Born in Corsica
1785 - Receives a commission as an artillery officer
1795 - Suppresses a royalist revolt (A Whiff of Grapeshot)
1798 - Egyptian Expedition / Battle of the Nile
1799 - 18 Brumaire coup d'etat
1799 - First Consul
1801 - Concordat with the Catholic Church
1804 - Proclaimed Emperor of the French
1804 - Napoleonic Code
1805 - Battle of Austerlitz
1805 - Battle of Trafalgar (Adm. Lord Nelson - Another One!)
1806 - Continental System
1812 - Invasion of Russia
1813 - Battle of Leipzig
1814 - Exile to Elba
1815 - Escape / Battle of Waterloo
1815 - Second Exile to St. Helena (Another One!)
1821 - Dies in Exile


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Ancien Regime

Estates General of 1789

The National Assembly

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

Napoleon Red Bull Commercial

Napoleon's Downfall

I am also going to give you a link to a reading that I feel we did not have time to read or discuss, but I feel that it would really help students who still need help with the idea of Napoleon as an enlightened despot. Check it out here.

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